Learn about the 22 Major Arcana cards and develop the power of your third eye. Take a unique guided journey to increase intuitive awareness and find meaningful connections to interpret the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot?lay by play in a mystical way! Using vibrant illustrations from various decks, this comprehensive guide gives you useful tools to help you personally touch the silent, sacred wisdom veiled within the Tarot. This is an excellent companion for the major cards of any Tarot deck; specific directions simplify learning the imagery-rich language of the cards. If you?e a beginning Tarot student, it provides the means to build a strong inner foundation for creating insightful interpretations. If you?e already a reader, it offers journaling suggestions to encourage a deeper personal relationship with each card. At the end of the card descriptions, you?l find an intuition portal or divinatory skill-building technique that you can add to your Tarot understanding. An insightful reference book for all readers.
Lover of oracles, Kooch Daniels is a professional intuitive living in the San Francisco Bay area who has given many thousands of Tarot readings. Early in life her interest in divination motivated her to travel to India to study mysticism, and this experience was a turning point in using her intuitive abilities. Her fascination with what lies hidden behind the veil has inspired her study with Eastern mystic Harish Johari, and the hugging saint from India, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi. She has been a keynote speaker for Readers Studio in New York City and has taught Tarot, divination, and intuitive arts at many venues both nationally and internationally. She is also an author of other Tarot books and has co-created?Sacred Mysteries, the Chakra Oracle.

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