To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first edition of Nautical Rules of the Road, Cornell Maritime Press has released a 4th Edition. This updated book has an easy-to-follow layout that aligns the International Rules with the corresponding Inland Rules. In addition to being highly descriptive, Nautical Rules of the Road, 4th Edition by Steven D. Browne, with early authors Larry C. Young and B. A. Farnsworth, gives the current rules as of publication and explicit comments to help readers thoroughly understand each rule.Some of the items detailed are proper lookout information to prevent collisions, positioning of light shapes, signals for fishing vessels fishing in close proximity, technical details of sound signal appliances, and violations of Inland Navigation Rules and Regulations, including penalties for negligent operations.To aid in Coast Guard examinations, the final chapter gives multiple choice, practice questions to test the reader's knowledge on the information found within the entire book. In addition, there is a descriptive study outline.Professional and recreational boaters alike need the new Nautical Rules on their vessels before leaving port. Don't toss your lines without it.

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