This guide is intended for professional mariners and for those studying for the US Coast Guard license examinations. The result of the author's experience teaching these subjects for many years, it addresses every major navigation problem with a short, accurate description, definitions of terms, and worked out examples. To help the reader the author has implemented real handouts from his classes, intended for students, as references, including worksheets for celestial and tide calculations. Vital information of all types is provided here, including a crash course in celestial and terrestrial navigation, magnetic deviation tables for calculating compass error, formulas for determining leeway, and tips for navigating close to home and across the oceans. Professor Palmiotti's expertise, earned through his vast experience as mate and captain, is now available, here, in compact form, for both veteran seamen and officers in training.
Anthony Palmiotti is a Professor of Navigation at the SUNY Maritime College and holds a merchant marine officer? license as Master, 3000 GT, and Chief Mate, unlimited, Oceans. Mr. Palmiotti has sailed on vessels ranging in size from coastal tugs to large oceangoing vessels and has brought this experience to the classroom in many years of teaching both ashore on the college campus and at sea aboard the college training ship. He has been published in maritime journals both domestic and international. He lives in New York State with his wife, a husky named Halo, and a garage full of self-built wooden canoes.

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