During the waning days of World War II, a frenzied race was underway in rubble-strewn Europe as US and Soviet forces sought to seize advanced German weapons technology. Over the next quarter century the North American Aviation (NAA) would enhance these spoils of war into fearsome weapons in America? arsenal. There? the swept-wing F-86 Sabre jet fighter, which would go on to be the only Allied warplane to outmaneuver a Soviet MiG-15 over Korea. X-15 rocket planes carried humans to the boundaries of space, setting speed and altitude records that still hold today. The stories of these weapons and the engineers who nourished them is a fascinating look into postwar corporate history of the NAA and its impact on the United States?aviation and space history.
John Fredrickson retired from Boeing in 2011 as a senior manager after 36 years in various departments (Flight Test, International Traffic, and Finance). Military service consisted of four years of active duty followed by 17 years with the USAF Reserve. A one-year assignment with the B-52 unit (307th Strategic Wing) at U-Tapao Airfield earned him the Vietnam Service Medal. His education includes an MBA with emphasis in accounting. John is married, and both sons are accomplished engineers working in aerospace.

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