Research the numbers of your life! Add together the numbers of your birth date, then take your destiny and life path in hand. Discover your past, present, and future, as well as the challenges of life and its sweet rewards. Compare your numbers for love and lifelong happiness. Does he love you? Is she right for you? Look at your telephone number, your house number, or your business name to unlock their intriguing messages. Learn about your name, your life path, karma, energy patterns, compatibility, your personal and law cycles. Explore the lives of two people to learn the step-by-step instructions for putting together your own rhythms of life and the adventures they offer.
Maiya Gray-Cobb, teacher and writer of metaphysical disciplines, was born in England. She holds a Ph.D. in parapsychology and has been a professional astrologer and numerologist since 1969. Maiya lives in Melfort Saskatchewan, where she does more writing these days than teaching.

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