During the occupation of Japan between 1945 and 1952, a world market for small and inexpensive goods was correctly identified as a starting point for rebuilding the Japanese economy.This new book is filled with thousands of once-familiar items of ceramic, paper, glass, celluloid, wood, and papier-mache which were marked "Made in Occupied Japan," and shipped to the United States and the United Kingdom. Today, these items have increased in value and are avidly collected. The book presents over 400 color photographs of the items, shows 133 different manufacturers' marks, and includes a value guide.
Florence Archambault shares her experience as head of the Occupied Japan Collectors Club to help others identify the figurines, dishware, cameras, sewing items, toys, dolls, vases, planters, lamps, and more. She writes from her home in Newport, Rhode Island.

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