Paden City Glass Manufacturing Company, of Paden City, West Virginia, manufactured popular etched tableware in many colors between 1916 and 1951. Information about the company and its many products is documented, much of it for the first time, in this well-organized and beautifully illustrated book. The distinctive Paden City glass colors are individually identified and shown, and a glossary of glassmaking terms is included. Forty different patterns and etched decorations are described and illustrated. Sometimes decorations were added to glass made by other manufacturers to expand the Paden City products. Glass historians, collectors, and dealers all will find important information in this work. Value ranges are included in the captions.
Paul & Debora Torsiello are collectors and dealers of unusual and Depression era glassware who buy and sell at various antiques shows as Debzie's Glass. Paul is the publisher of the Paden City Glass Collector's Guild quarterly newsletter. They live in Parsippany, New Jersey.Tom & Arlene Stillman are dedicated glass collectors from Plainfield, Wisconsin.

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