The astoundingly vibrant three-dimensional paper artworks in this book will stop paper art fans of all levels in their tracks. After the initial amazement, enjoy trying this method yourself, expanding your skills at your own pace with highly regarded artist Yulia Brodskaya? guidance. Using two simple materials?aper and glue?he? perfected the placement of carefully cut and bent strips of paper to "paint" images. Brodskaya offers not a predictable project book, but instead practical tips on how to work with her method in various ways of your own. See how this method gives new impact to lettering, nature themes, portraits, larger pieces, and experiments. Learn how to choose colors, the importance of testing compositions, which part of the image to start with, and when to consider it complete. Inspiring for its artworks alone, this is also a colorful starting point for anyone interested in working with paper, and full of practical ideas for artists who want to advance their creative thinking.
Yulia Brodskaya is a highly regarded paper artist and illustrator. Named?Creative Review?magazine? "breakthrough star," she has over the last decade brought world attention to quilling-based paper art. Brodskaya is a frequent speaker at design conferences and design schools, and was featured in the BBC??Making Art Work: First Idea to Final Piece. She has done brand collaborations with Issey Miyake, Hermes, Starbucks, Cadbury, Target, Godiva, Bentley, the Country Music Association, Hennessy, Paramount Pictures, and dozens of other clients. She created a Forever? stamp design for the United States Postal Service, and her works are in the collections of Oprah Winfrey, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Wimbledon, and numerous private collectors.

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