With detailed instructions, templates, and colorful photography, this book shows how to craft fifty-five paper jewelry projects. Colorful and graphic designs range from necklaces, brooches, earrings, and bracelets to hair accessories. Learn how to find inspiration in a wide variety of recycled papers. Projects re-use maps, stationery, comic books, cardboard, magazines, and even candy wrappers. The various projects appeal to a wide variety of aesthetics, from the more traditional and refined to the more contemporary and flamboyant. There are also projects for a wide range of skill levels, making this an inspiring and practical book for everyone from beginners to established jewelry artists.
Barbara Baumann is a teacher of textile crafts. After many years of working in adult education she now heads a school media center, and is surrounded by book lovers and young people. She loves patterns, structures, colors and materials, and helping crafters to interpret, collect, and combine ideas in their studio work.

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