This book is an essential reference for all paperweight collectors. Hundreds of lovely paperweights, dating from 1870 to 1945, and unique items from Bohemia, Silesia, Thuringia, the Bavarian Forest, the "Solling" mountains, and other German areas are beautifully displayed. Pieces from other European areas including Belgium, France, and Scandinavia are vividly placed throughout the book, making it informative and easy to read. Classically designed paperweights from Baccarat, St. Louis, Clichy, English and American glassworks, as well as modern paperweights, are shown and discussed. The book includes 639 color pictures of 720 paperweights with detailed explanations, 131 illustrations of the exterior forms, and three illustrations of production procedures. A glossary, index and a value list of the paperweights shown complete the useful contents.

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