Decorated peanut butter glasses were made in the 1950s to sell commercially produced peanut butter. The glasses were printed with colorful painted images of flowers, birds, dogs, and specialty images. Most of the images were identified by a label, such as the name of the flower depicted. Their bright colors have attracted a host of collectors.Here is the long-awaited 2nd edition of the ever-popular Peanut Butter Glasses! This expanded edition features more than 100 previously unlisted peanut butter glasses and an extensive look at peanut butter glasses manufactured by companies other than Boscul. Most importantly, current values are provided for these beautiful glasses that are clearly pictured in full color. Check off boxes assist collectors in maintaining personal inventories! New information, new tumblers, and new prices...all in this new 2nd edition!This book catalogs the known decorations by showing both front and back views of each glass. Nearly 1100 color photographs and identifying text tell the whole story. The pictures are arranged alphabetically and a value range is supplied with each piece for easy reference.
Barbara E. Mauzy can be found any Sunday at Renninger's Antique Market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania where she sells Depression glass and kitchen collectibles from the 1920s through the 1950s.

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