The delightful decorations that characterize Pennsbury pottery have made it a favorite type of American wares since the pottery's origin in 1950 and a rapidly growing field of collectible interest today. This book presents the history of the family-run business in Pennsylvania with the maker's marks, complete listing of the patterns, reproduction of the 1959 catalog, and hundreds of color photographs of the pottery pieces. The German immigrant founders of the pottery works, the Below family, incorporated american nationalistic folk art designs such as the eagle and shield, as well as charming figures in Amish dress with Pennsylvania "Dutch" inscriptions and famous bird designs, into the decorations. the glazes combine cheerful colors on the characteristic beige backgrounds of the brown clay pottery. Tablewares predominate these useful and decorative wares that are recognized as American folk art forms.After its closure in 1970, the Pennsbury molds and traditions were continued variously by the Lewis Brothers Pottery, the Glen View, and Pennington Pottery, and their wares, as the relate to Pennsbury, also are shown in numerous examples and explained.This book gives the enthusiast a wealth of documentation and pictorial reference for identifying, collecting, and enjoying Pennsbury art pottery.
Lucille Henzke also has written American Art Pottery and numerous articles for collectors in specialized periodicals. She resides in Forth worth, Texas.

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