In the late 1890s, Caleb Davis Bradham, a North Carolina drug-store owner and pharmacist, mixed a concoction at the soda fountain for his customers that was a hit. They called it "Brad's Drink"; Bradham named the mixture Pepsi Cola.Pepsi became a national success and engendered an array of commercial, advertising, and promotional objects that are much sought after by collectors today. Many of those objects are included in this book, presented with beautiful, full-color photographs. The items come from one of the largest collections of Pepsi memorabilia in the nation, that of Everette Lloyd.
Everett Lloyd dreamed of preserving his collection in a book, so others could enjoy it and benefit from his expertise. He wrote a brief history of Pepsi and recorded other information of interest to collectors. Sadly, he passed away before he could see his dream become a reality. The project has been carried on by his family with the devoted guidance of his wife, Mary. With the help of Gary Metz, a respected dealer and auctioneer, they have created a valuable and beautiful reference for collectors.

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