This is not just another book about hypnosis! Noted clinical psychologist Dr. Fredrick Woodard instructs you in the five principles of perceptual hypnosis, a method and tool that explores spirituality and psycho-hypnotherapy by aiding you in altering your everyday experiences through a change of awareness. Learn to adjust and expand your personal world and increase perceptions readily available to you. Change how you see yourself in the universe and improve your ability to maintain and maximize your spiritual growth. Explore the aspects of the universe that were previously invisible, and identify and reduce unfounded threats unhampered by fear. Is something missing in your life? Are there different realities that you cannot see? Through perceptual hypnosis you can overcome limitations, change your destiny, and be in control of your own mind in a way never before experienced. Includes a CD that provides important self-help exercises to accomplish your goals.
Dr. Woodard received a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1992, a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology in 2002, and intensive training at the Milton Erickson Institute in Arizona. He received the New England Paranormal Research of the Year award in 2012 from CeCe Productions. He is a registered and certified clinical hypnotherapist and has been a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Psychological Association, New Hampshire Psychological Association, the Society for Scientific Exploration, and APA?sychological Hypnosis. Dr. Woodard was deployed for a month in Louisiana during the Katrina disaster in 2005. He is a direct great grandchild of Chief Madockawando of the Abenaki Nation, Charlamagne, and the Merovingian Kings.

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