Have you ever dreamed of winning in games of chance? Now there is a system that uses Tarot, numerology, and astrology to assist you in your intuitive focus so that you can harness the power within to bring, luck, abundance, prosperity, and happiness to your life. In five minutes a day, tune into your subliminal mind to play any game that requires numbers to win: lotteries, horse or dog racing, sports and fantasy scoring, psychic or "sensitive" practices, secret coding for kids, party games for adults?he list is endless! Via 78 themed Tarot cards, 3 extra technique cards, and 5 dice, this system is developed to help you play with numbers?nd even win sometimes! The handy guide includes detailed interpretations of each card and instructions for how to play to win. Discover how using the magic of numbers will enhance your life! But do it soon! The Wheel of Fortune is spinning again!
Carla Smith-Willard began her study of astrology and Tarot with the help of her friend, fellow astrologer Joy Gwen Moyer. Through this friendship she learned how to harness the power to change her life. Clint Willard assists Carla via computer manipulation and artwork.

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