Are you interested in matchsafes, breweriana, orientalia, fraternal orders, black memorabilia, Native Americans, royalty and politicians, risqu?themes, sports, advertising, heraldry, gambling, and late-nineteenth and early twentieth century art forms?One medium that has captured all the above is matchsafes, presented here as a microcosm of life and art from 1840 to 1920. Nearly 2,000 matchsafes have been captured in exquisite detail in 398 color photographs by Gordon Deas. Each is described with details of its pertinent artist, patentee, manufacturer, materials, construction, and value, all complementing the brief and conversational general text.This definitive book is organized according to these interests to provide hours of enjoyment and a source you will return to again and again.
Husband and wife team W. Eugene Sanders, a physician, and Christine Sanders, a microbiologist, collect matchsafes at antique shows and flea markets worldwide and from their home in Fremont, Nebraska.

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