In 1636, theologian Roger Williams landed in Rhode Island and "having a sense of God's merciful providence unto me in my distress, called the place Providence." This city grew to become a leader in textile, tool, and jewelry manufacturing and gained the nickname "Beehive of Industry." In the nineteenth century, Providence was known for its busy factories, fascinating history, and beautiful location on scenic Narragansett Bay. Over 300 vintage, hand-tinted postcards transport readers to the early 1900s, when tourism boomed. See the marble dome of the Rhode Island State Capitol, look into the shops at the Mall on Weybosset and Westminster Streets, Roger Williams Park, a lecture at Brown University, and a clambake on the shores of Narragansett Bay. Approximate dating and price guides will be useful to seasoned collectors and beginners looking to start their own collections.
Mary Martin heads Mary Martin Postcards, a three-generation family business that is the largest postcard operation in the world. In addition to a warehouse facility in Perryville, Maryland, the company is a presence at postcard shows worldwide and produces many shows, including the United State's largest postcard show in York, Pennsylvania, in November. Nathaniel Wolfgang-Price is a "Jack of all trades" who aspires to be a Great American Poet.

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