This guide to printmaking plunges you into dozens of ways to leave your mark on the world?nd on your walls, tablecloths, garments, and every other surface imaginable. Emphasizing the joy and energy of printmaking, the 41 projects use everyday materials, and don? require any previous experience. Learn fifteen main printmaking methods and their submethods, including relief printing, stamping, screen printing, collagraphy, monoprinting, cyanotypes, botanical prints, and many more. Transform your fingerprint into a huge graphic print with the "We?e All Thumbs" project. Using cut stamps, make the exciting combination of bandanna and coordinating game-pieces in "Mr. Potatohead Plays Chess." Enjoy solar printing with "Like Snowflakes in the Sun." Included throughout are plenty of options, variations, and encouragement to make your prints your own way.
Angie Franke teaches dyeing, printing, painting, and drawing. She has always been passionate about art, and also works in fiber arts and all forms of mixed media. Franke creates art with rural schoolchildren via Community Art schools affiliated with Nelson Mandela Bay University. She lives high on a hill in South Africa with a wonderful view of the Indian Ocean.

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