Everyone is psychic?t's a natural, normal human instinct. Discover how to use the full capacity of your mind and to incorporate inherent abilities into new and exciting experiences. Learn how to turn hunches and intuitions into strong psychic awareness. Find out how to develop clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairsentience (psychic feeling), clairaudience (psychic hearing), and discover the seven approaches to psychic development, how to get "unstuck," and ways to employ your psychic abilities to enhance every day. Use this workbook's tools, techniques, and exercises daily over two to three months, and discover that you can have psychic ability when you need it!
Karen Fox, PhD, is a psychic educator and a professional psychic, medium, and medical intuitive.She has over thirty years of experience teaching diverse groups, including managers, employees, and bodyworkers, as well as students and faculty in higher education. Educated at Syracuse University to build effective curriculum, she has designed courses on many subjects. After years of investigating how the psychic sense functions, she established and refined her curriculum, teaching students in the Aspen Program for Psychic Development in Denver, Colorado. Visit: www.AspenProgram.com.

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