Push the envelope of your quilting skills and learn how to combine two traditional patterns, Autumn Leaf and Courthouse Steps, using non-traditional methods. Self-taught quilter, Debbie Pierce, offers her twist on this art form with step-by-step instructions, insider secrets, and shortcuts for simplifying the construction of her popular quilt pattern, Autumn at the Courthouse. This detailed how-to book is complete with diagrams and charts that present the basic building blocks of quilt patterns. Use the 190+ color images as a guide to mastering the essential process of making perfect pieces for your blocks in an efficient and accurate manner. An essential addition to any quilter's library, this book offers inspiration and essentials you need to add your personal style to each one-of-a-kind quilt.
Debbie Pierce began quilting while living on her 25-acre farm on Chestnut Ridge in the hills of Lee County, Virginia. She and her six home-schooled children established Chestnut Ridge Quilting in 1996 to produce and market their quilted creations.

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