The colorful and charming decorations on French Quimper pottery (pronounced Kem-pair) have made it a popular ware for over 300 years. Brightly clad men and women, many in the traditional clothing of Brittany, and other designs, reflect the Celtic heritage of Breton culture: its rolling green countryside, grazing animals, and small fishing villages. Over the years, a tremendous amount has been exported to North America and England.Quimper faience has been produced by three primary factories in the French town of Quimper, and this book explains, compares and contrasts the factories and their products. Today old Quimper ware is collected avidly here and abroad and the new ware is cherished. 290 clear color photographs, makers' marks, and the useful, newly updated price guide make this a necessary reference for all who are interested in ceramics.
From Duxbury, Massachusetts, Ann Marie O'Neill is a leading dealer in Quimper pottery.

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