When this book first came out, in 1908, it was touted as the "largest single book of house designs ever published." Here are 252 renderings of Arts and Crafts period homes produced by the Radford Architectural Company to satisfy a mushrooming turn-of-the-century market. These houses were designed by architects to be "the newest and most up-to-date designs in modern homes." The architectural renderings encompass the period's popular bungalow homes, as well as larger, two-story homes in a broad spectrum of styles. Each home has a frontal view, as well as floor plans. This book is an invaluable tool for the homeowner seeking to restore or for the historian attempting to identify and document homes from the early 1900s. These homes are enduring in their appeal, and inspiring in their designs.
Tina Skinner is a professional writer and editor specializing in home design.

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