This manual/workbook provides the means for an operator to develop an at-a-glance capacity on a stabilized relative motion radar. Once the system of ??ituation Recognition? has been achieved and mastered, a multitude of targets can be handled safely and surely, and collision avoidance becomes quite simple. The real method of plotting equips the deck officer to pass the Coast Guard's radar observer test
Max H. Carpenter, coauthor of Real Time Method of Radar Plotting, is the former executive director of the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies. He was involved in expanding and upgrading the simulator systems of this unique facility and the design engineering for training simulators, marine electronics, and other related equipment. Mr. Carpenter is a member of the Institute of Navigation, the International Marine Simulator Forum, and the Nautical Institute.Wayne M. Waldo (1925?987) was a member of the Collision Avoidance Radar Department of the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies in Linthicum, Maryland. He was a shipping captain with Sealand until his retirement. Waldo coauthored Real Time Method of Radar Plotting.

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