A vacation home is a dream for many of us, responding to our need for recreation and respite, revitalization, and refuge. The ideal vacation home is one where we escape yearly, weekly, and, eventually, permanently. This book looks at planning a second home to eventually inhabit year-round; a home that will age nicely with you and your whole family's needs. Intelligently designed, the vacation home incorporates flexible, accessible, and user-friendly living space for everyone, well into the future. Over 500 beautiful photos will show you how others have adapted their vacation homes for gorgeous year 'round living and how you can, too. This is your guide to inspired retirement living, whether you plan to make the move soon or you have many weekends to retirement yet to come.
E. Ashley Rooney has written extensively about food, houses, gardens, youth, women, and health. This is her fifth book with Schiffer Publishing.

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