A fun and easy-to-set-up game for ages 14 and up, where players answer trivia questions about art history and collect artwork along the way. Be the first to collect five artworks and prove, officially, that you know your stuff. Players who answer trivia correctly exchange their Trivia Cards for Artwork Cards. Get enough Artwork Cards and you win the game! Along the way, players can also use ?ogue Scholar?Cards to help them answer questions, protect their artwork from getting stolen, and sabotage other players. Trivia questions are multiple choice, and the difficulty level varies (ranging, for example, from ?hat body part did Van Gogh cut off??to ?ow many pet chow chows did Georgia O?eeffe own during her lifetime??. Funny, and at times playfully irreverent and a little absurd, this game dispels the myth that art and art history are only for stuffy intellectuals. It? welcoming for all players, from those PhD holders to curious high schoolers just starting to learn about the classics. For four to six players. Use this game on its own or combined with the National Portrait Gallery set for more art and 96 more trivia questions! Box contains 300 Trivia Cards, 45 Artwork Cards, 36 Rogue Scholar Cards, and instruction sheet
Sartle.com is a project devoted to democratizing art history by focusing on the stories that textbooks often ignore. Sartle mixes serious art history with snarky observations and hilarious, strange, and shocking facts about artworks and artists, making art more relatable and fun. www.sartle.com

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