In this engaging children's story, Ronnie, a young raven who has grown too big for the family nest, is encouraged to make his own home. Ronnie comes up with a brilliant idea, to use human trash to build his nest. A seagull pal of Ronnie's shows him how to steal nesting materials from human trash bags. Ronnie's flashy idea quickly catches on and before long all bird species start to rip open trash sacks to get at the materials within. Mayhem quickly results. Ronnie learns the difference between inappropriate and appropriate recycling, and so will the reader. Here is a fun way to introduce a serious subject to children along with learning activities at the end of the story to continue the fun. Early reader?ges 5-8.
Kay Al-Ghani is a Specialist Advisory Teacher and Autism Trainer. She writes with her son, Haitham, who does all the illustrations for their books. Haitham has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This is their second book.

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