Ari Honarvar was born into a long line of Persian poets and Rumi lovers and raised in Shiraz, the city of majestic gardens, love poems, and wine. She is a translator, writer, and an artist who blends calligraphy and painting to present Persian poetry in new and evocative ways. In her musical poetry performances, she brings forth the spirit of Rumi?? poems in the form of ??eklameh,??the Persian art of becoming the poem. She is the founder of Rumi With A View ( dedicated to building bridges through the enchanted medium of Persian poetry. Carmen Costello ( is a self-taught artist. She works around traditional and experimental techniques, adjusting, inflecting, and twisting given forms to create new images. Working in a state of intuitive action, she creates a riotous display of brilliant colors, choppy swirling brush/hand strokes and abbreviated figures and symbols that invoke ancient modes of dance and ritual.

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