If you enjoy the adventure of alternative firing but have only an electric kiln, this is the guide for you. Learn how to use an electric kiln to attain the natural earthy colors and spontaneous patterns of alternative firing methods. Step-by-step instructions together with nearly 200 photos show how to get good results with saggar firing in an electric kiln, without damaging your kiln. Understand every aspect, from making the saggar and understanding your work? requirements to using terra sigillata, firing the kiln, and more. Along with clearly supplying the exact parameters you need to succeed, the guidance here also allows you the space to experiment and use your own creativity. This resource helps you extend your work with the colors and freedom of alternative firing.
Ceramist Jolanda van de Grint found that the unpredictably beautiful aesthetic of alternative firing changed her art? focus. After years of research and experimentation with electric kiln capabilities, she now teaches workshops in saggar firing. She lives in The Netherlands.

www.jolandavandegrint.nl www.facebook.com/keramiekjolandavandegrint @keramiek_jolanda_vd_grint

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