San Miguel de Allende, a city located in central Mexico, is steeped in history and old world charm. Many of its elegant buildings have been preserved and it is practically a museum of Spanish and Mexican history and architecture. This unique book displays over 325 color photographs and leads a tour of San Miguel's outdoor living at its finest. Pass through massive gates into open courtyards, exposed rooftop patios, and extraordinary homes that are closed to the average visitor. Fifteen chapters illustrate its charming facades, gates, patios, gardens, fountains, columns, pools, cantera, windows, walls, cupolas, wrought iron, street graphics, construction?ll with intense color that pervades the senses. Be inspired to include Mexican details in your next building project.
Sandy Baum is a photographer and former pilot who now lives in San Miguel year-round. His precise attention to detail brings out items that might normally go unnoticed.

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