Big rock collector. Big mouth. BIG problem! Ten-year-old Samantha Hansen loves science, especially rocks and minerals. Her family is planning a dream-come-true trip to the Grand Canyon where Sam will finally see the "biggest chunk of sedimentary rock on the planet." But there's a problem?am has a temper. She works hard to stay out of trouble, but it's not easy because she has to deal with a bossy sister, a busy mom who's obsessed with birthdays, and a playground bully who calls her a science freak. Will Sam survive the class cave trip, a rocky talent show, and a visit to the principal's office? Will her lists of science facts and thoughts about her world help her calm down? Will she ever get up the nerve to ask her mom about her dad? Filled with laugh-out-loud dialogue, school drama, and poignant family moments, Samantha Hansen is sure to delight and inspire. This kid ROCKS!
Nancy Viau is the author of five picture books and several middle-grade novels, including the Schiffer titles Beauty and Bernice and Just One Thing! (a 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year).

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