San Miguel, a city located in central Mexico, is steeped in history; it is the place where the Mexican war for independence from Spain started in 1810. Today, San Miguel retains old-world charm as many of its elegant buildings have been preserved; the city is practically a museum of Spanish and Mexican history and architecture. This unique book displays over 350 color photographs and leads a tour of San Miguel? indoor living at its finest. Pass into open courtyards, interior patios, and extraordinary homes through doors that are closed to the average visitor. Fifteen chapters illustrate its charming doors, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, stairways, furniture, lighting, art, and talavera ceramics---all with intense color that pervades the senses. Be inspired to include Mexican details into your next building project.
Sandy Baum has been a professional photographer and a pilot for over 40 years. He studied architecture in college and has worked in residential, retail, and commercial construction for 15 years. Now living in San Miguel, Mexico, his detail-oriented training drives his photography, as he draws attention to items that might normally go unnoticed.

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