On a warm summer day, playing at the seashore, Natalie makes a sand lady, dressing her in seashells, Cape May diamonds, and sea grass. When Natalie accidentally adds a magical egret feather as decoration, her sand lady springs to life! So begins an exciting adventure in time, taking Natalie and her sand lady back to Cape May, New Jersey, in 1912!Entertaining and educational for readers of all ages, this story also features a Cape Island map, more than twenty watercolor illustrations of Victorian architecture and landmarks, a glossary, and a timeline. This book is a must for all young people who have visited this beloved shore resort, and for the young-at-heart who hope to spread the joy. Written by a professional educator and textbook writer, it is also an excellent instructional book for the classroom. Additionally, an integrated extension activities guide is available for the classroom. Middle grades?ges 8-12.
Corinne M. Litzenberg teaches second grade, presents programs on writing and local culture, and has a doctorate in education with a focus on local environmental education.Bari A. Edwards is a Delaware artist with a preference for working with watercolors.

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