Blending history with mystery, ten ghostly tales send readers on a haunted journey that began in 1734 and continues through the mid-twentieth century. They include tales of vengeance, mojo, pestilence, witchcraft, betrayal, bravery, and tragic loss, all set against the backdrop of Savannah, Georgia, one of the South's most beautiful cities. Adding to the eerie atmosphere they create are twenty darkly beautiful illustrations.The tales represent the collective unconscious of Savannah that has been passed from family to family, one generation to the next, and from Savannah natives to inquisitive travelers. These stories that "Mama an' them" swear by are worth retelling. Anyone hungry for a good ghost story will love this book!
David Harland Rousseau is a writer, artist, professor, and former journalist. who gives history and ghost tours of Savannah. Julie Collins Rousseau is an award-winning illustrator and sequential artist of graphic novels and professor at Savannah College of Art and Design's Sequential Art Department.

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