Quench your thirst for local Savannah, with a bracing dose of tavern tales and an insider's guide to the best grog to be gotten. Witty and well written, there are half a dozen splendid drinking tales for those who love local legends and folktales. These stories, set in the city's pubs and taverns, serve up intrigue, murder, raucous fun, and juicy gossip, all illustrating that history need not be dry stuff!For those eager to belly up to the bar, the Pubs Review helps guide you to the hot spots within the Historic District, pointing out the best drinks, broadest wine menus, and tastiest bar snacks. Suggested toasts will enliven the conversation barside, and recipes for traditional drinks will let you take this taste of Savannah home.
David Rousseau is a writer, artist, professor, and former journalist. His interest in Savannah lore began as a news photographer for WTOC-TV. Dow Harris has a passion for history as a guide for Savannah Walks tours, and performing as a bluegrass musician. Artwork is by Julie Collins Rousseau, an award winning illustrator.

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