Scrimshaw is the art of the Eskimos and whalers. They began by carving fine lines into walrus ivory and bones, which developed into complex images. Today, scrimshaw is a recognized art form that inspires collectors all over the world ?especially in Europe and the United States. Richard "Ritchi" Maier is one of the best "scrimshanders" internationally. In this volume, this skilled engraver explains the history and technique of scrimshaw engraving. Most of the book is a practical guide for those who want to try their hand at this artwork. The author provides tips on materials, equipment, and tools, and describes every step in detail, allowing the reader to share in his broad experience. Many photographs and illustrations detail techniques, procedures, and finished pieces. It is a perfect guidebook for anyone entering the wonderful world of scrimshaw.
Richard "Ritchi" Maier is one of the best and most well-know "scrimshanders" in Europe. This Austrian learned the trade of engraving at the famous school in Ferlach and is one of the most internationally sought after engravers for high-quality hunting weapons. He is known to knife enthusiasts through his long association with the knife maker Egon Trompeter.

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