A master scroll sawyer presents this easy-to-understand step-by-step guide for creating cutout pictures, flat or in relief. Learn how to cut out a pair of wolves under a moonlit, mountainous landscape from a drawing and discover many other traceable cutout options in the Patterns section. With these designs and two or more colors of wood, you can create a work of art to hang up in your home or give as a gift. Intended for advanced scrollers, the reader can find all he or she needs to know about this wonderful craft, including details about taping, cutting, and swapping the cutouts to make the colors stand out. For every project you get two works of art! Color photographs demonstrate the tools needed and illustrate each step, and a section of cutout patterns gives the reader plenty of scroll saw ideas. This revised and expanded second edition contains 16 new patterns.
Born in Budapest, Hungary, scroll saw guru Frank Pozsgai attributes his love for woodcutting to his early days in concentration and "displaced persons" camps in Germany. Awaiting liberation, he found solace and amusement in creating some artistic or usable object out of wood whenever he could find a scrap. Later on, while attending college in Los Angeles, Frank excelled in art, especially drawing and painting. While he went on to pursue a career in industrial engineering and facilities engineering management, he never lost his love for wood and art. Finally, in 1989, Frank found himself laid up with back problems. As part of his "boredom therapy" he purchased an inexpensive 15-inch scroll saw. Suddenly his artistic talents and industrial engineering background started paying dividends! Frank set to work, retrofitting the machine with numerous custom-designed accessories to make it more user friendly. He also began creating three-dimensional patterns, and finally, he added the idea of carving his 3-D figures to give them greater realism and personality. Soon he was being urged by other saw users to mass-produce his accessories and designs. Because of his success, Frank has been featured in?Woodworker? Business News, taught weekly classes and workshops in the Portland, OR, area, andworked with users, manufacturers, and retail stores. His nationally circulated newsletter, "Shoptalk," focusing on scroll saw use, made its debut in 1994.

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