Artwork created to sell flower and vegetable seeds to the public is bright, eye-catching, and tempting. It reflects the fantasy that any novice gardener can grow beautiful plants just by buying the seeds. This is not a new phenomenon. Over 475 boldly colorful flower and vegetable seed artwork, catalog, packet, and publication illustrations are arranged here chronologically (l1869 to 1997) and alphabetically (acroclinium to zinnia) for easy reference in this fun visual delight. Many images are from the vast and superb collection of the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the author was Director of the Heirloom Seed Project. See unusual plant varieties from both small independent and large seed producers, like the W. Atlee Burpee Company. A mid-20th century watercolor illustrator? work is featured as an impressive record of plants grown from seeds; see how many you can recognize. The stunning images will stimulate artists, gardeners, naturalists, and interior decorators to find these and additional seed art examples to add beauty to their lives.
Irwin Richman has written many books on Pennsylvania German culture and is a Pennsylvania Humanities Council Speaker. He earned an Ph. D. in American History at the University of Pennsylvania and a Certificate in Ornamental Plants from Longwood Gardens, where he subsequently taught. After retiring as Professor of American Studies at Pennsylvania State University's Harrisburg campus, he served as Director of the Heirloom Seed Project at the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster. Here he combines his love of history with his passion for gardening.

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