Kevin Vaughn has been fascinated by plants since a youth growing up in Massachusetts. At age nine he made his first crosses with Sempervivum and the cultivars "Silvertone," "Emerald Spring," and "Greenwich Time" were the result. Cultivars "Jungle Shadows" and "Lipstick" were award winners created when Kevin was but twelve. This early fascination with plant breeding led to a PhD in plant genetics and a career with the USDA as a plant cell biologist. He was USDA Scientist of the Year, Young Weed Scientist, and Research Award Winner of the Weed Science Society of America. Besides his work with Sempervivum, Kevin hybridizes irises of all types, daffodils, dayliles, penstemon, alliums, Pulmonaria, and hardy geraniums. Nothing with pollen is safe on his property! Kevin has written several books on plants, including?Beardless Irises: A Plant for Every Garden Situation?published by Schiffer. ?

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