English founder Ann Lee and a small group of followers brought the Shaker faith to New England in 1774. Dedicated to a simple, communal lifestyle outside of society, this movement spread throughout New England and the Midwest during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The furniture produced by Shakers for their own use was beautiful in its simplicity and functionality. 300 historical and modern photos provide a visual tour of masterpieces of Shaker furniture and an introduction to the faithful artisans who produced them. Among the items displayed are benches, blanket chests, cases of drawers, chairs, counters, cupboards, desks, rockers, stands, tables, wall clocks, workbenches, and work tables. This book will be a treasure for all who enjoy, own, and create handmade furniture.
Timothy D. Rieman has been immersed in Shaker furniture for more than two decades, both as a builder and a researcher. He has written Shake: The Art of Craftsmanship, and co-authored The Shaker Chair and The Encyclopedia of Shaker Furniture.

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