Fred Paronuzzi was born in Savoy in 1967. He has worked for a long time in Scotland, Slovakia, Canada, and the US as a French teacher. Since 2004 he has been publishing novels for young readers. His books are published in French and translated into Russian, German, English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese. Mariana Ruiz Johnson studied visual arts at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte in Buenos Aires. She then attended S?ano Blanco Art School and workshops on illustration with Sa? ?scar Rojas, Claudia Legnazzi, Svetlan Junakovic, and Gianni De Conno. In 2009 she was shortlisted for the Award a la Orilla del Viento, assigned by Fondo de Cultura Econ?ica, and in 2015 she won the Silent Book Contest, promoted by Ibby and Carthusia. She has published several books with South American, Asian, and European publishers.

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