Benito the cobbler, tired of not being properly appreciated for his trade in his homeland, embarks on a journey that takes him to a strange land. There he has to mend some amazing footwear ?the enormous brogans of a fearsome ogre, glass slippers, clowns' boots, and worn-out shoes of the royal ballerinas. His work is very important, because without it the characters he encounters could not carry on with their own stories . . . Would you like to help Benito as he mends this fantastic footwear? Personalize the book ?complete the illustrations in your own way, using the creative book activity guide to turn each page into a unique treasure! The Creative Tales collection has been conceived for children to actively participate in the book's elaboration, either painting, cutting, pasting, or being part of the actual story. Augmented reality brings the story to life with images that jump right off the page.
Ester Llorens Artiola is an illustrator and fashion printing designer who studied Fine Arts. Her drawings have been published in children and school magazines. Jordi Palet has a degree in Fine Arts and Performing Arts. He works as a teacher at the Barcelona Theater Institute.

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