Remove the mystery around handguns with this simple beginner? guide. When one is not knowledgeable, the idea of shooting, or being around, a handgun can be frightening. Written for the novice shooter, this guide focuses on the fundamentals needed to own and operate a handgun. Using clear and concise language and illustrations, the authors break down step by step how to handle and shoot a handgun. Learn the three simple rules to ensure safety at all times, and what to look for when buying your first handgun. Understand how a handgun functions and the different components of ammunition. Know the common problems that shooters experience and how to fix them. Arm yourself for success and handle any handgun with confidence!
Gregory Wier is a biochemist who received his PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh in 2015. Since getting his degree, he has spent time teaching biology and chemistry both online and in person. He has grown up around firearms, having considerable experience shooting. His time in academia impressed upon him the importance of clarity in writing. He is the son of Stephen Wier, a retired high school biology teacher who grew up shooting firearms. After retiring from teaching high school after 36 years, Stephen began teaching introductory handgun classes and has since expanded to teaching a plethora of topics, including rifle, shotgun, and reloading. Firmly believing that education is never over, he is continually taking shooting classes by experts in defensive and tactical shooting. He is an avid competitive shooter and collector of military surplus firearms.

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