This long-awaited survey explores slag and marble glass from its four major producers?he Imperial Glass Corp., Westmoreland Glass Co., L. G. Wright Glass Co., and the Fenton Art Glass Co?nd others. The "Golden Age" of modern slag glass, when it was used for both table pieces and decorative items, is displayed in over 570 beautiful color photos showing over 900 pieces. This book is densely packed with well-researched information on all documented pieces. It is smartly organized by company and category, making use of this excellent book extremely easy. Also, many test and whimsey items are included. Photo captions include production years, mold names and numbers, sizes, factory marks, colors made, and values. A chapter on additional companies that produced slag glass is also included. Information on reproductions will help readers determine what colors and marks can be found on newer items. For anyone buying, selling, or collecting slag glass, this is the essential reference guide.
Don Jennings & Nathan Taves live in Indiana where they own and operate a retail gift store. Added together they have 47 years of experience with slag and marble glass, and have amassed a tremendous amount of information, which they share with their readers.

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