Explore the extraordinary beauty of ice crystals, and how, what, when, and why these formations occur. Fun hands-on exercises and guided science experiments encourage budding meteorologists to explore science, discover the natural beauty of ice crystals, and follow the complex process of how they form. Loaded with activities, including making static electricity and building snowflake models, as well as removable coloring pages and a snowflake crossword puzzle, this book makes learning fun and helps cure the winter blues. So get out there with the snowflake collector pages and get started catching and documenting your own snowflakes!
Michael Peres is a professor of biomedical photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. He teaches photomicrography and other applications of photography in science and has been actively publishing for most of his career. His photographs have been featured on CNN and the Weather Channel, in?Time?magazine, and in numerous books. Patricia Cost is an editor, writer, adjunct professor, and small press publisher. After she wrote?The Bentons: How an American Father and Son Changed the Printing Industry, she turned her attention to writing for children.?Michael Photographs a Snowflake?has been a popular text for area children and is part of a local elementary school? science program.

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