The world of soda advertising bottle and can openers is explored here with over 350 photos featuring thousands of openers --Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Nehi, Cheerwine, New-Grape, Red Rock Cola, Moxi, Hires, and Royal Crown, to name a few--along with information on American patents; opener manufacturers; soda products; opener packaging; modern, foreign, and fantasy openers; hints on grading and cleaning openers; index; and price guide. An additional catalog index of over 2,500 known soda advertising openers is organized by type. With such a wealth of information amassed into one volume, this book is destined to become the bible for soda opener collectors.
Founder of "Just for Openers (JFO)," Donald A. Bull has also co-authored and published The Register of United States Breweries and American Breweries, Beer Trivia, The Ultimate Corkscrew Book, and Bull's Pocket Guide to Corkscrews. He resides in Wirtz, Virginia. Computer programmer for UNC Chapel Hill and current editor of the JFO newsletter and membership secretary for the Eastern Coast Breweriana Association (ECBA), John R. Stanley has collected bottle openers since 1977.

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