South Beach, at Miami, Florida, has it all: sand, sun, surf, beautiful people, stylish fashions, architecture from the height of American Art Deco to the most modern renderings of steel and glass. The visitor is drawn in a hundred directions at once, trying not to stare, but hoping to take it all in and to hold onto the impressions this place is bound to make.This book captures the sights of the city. The photographer's eye finds the details. Deco colors wash buildings as sun and shadow accentuate their bold designs. Deep blue, cloudless skies rise over the bright beach and sparkling sea, as bathers bask in the sun. Over 100 wonderful color photographs are reminders of the days spent in this fantastic place, taking the reader to the beach, among the trendy shops and hotels, along the tree lined streets with Deco-styled homes. In nearly every direction there is a something to catch the eye. This will be a time capsule of your South Beach experience!
Douglas Congdon-Martin has been a commercial photographer and author for over 20 years. Though a frequent visitor to Floridam, he lives in Pennsylvania.

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