This book presents the evolution of one of the most famous French-made fighter aircraft of WWI?he fast, rugged Spad. From humble beginnings this airplane became the mount for such famous WWI aces as Frenchmen Georges Guynemer and Ren?Fonck, American Eddie Rickenbacker, Italian Francesco Baracca, and many others. Illustrated with rare WWI-era photographs, this book examines how the Spad was conceived, built, and flown. Examples of surviving Spad aircraft are highlighted, as well as where they may be seen today all over the world. The book also profiles several still-existing aerodromes in the US where visitors can see a Spad being built, such as the Golden Age Air Museum in Pennsylvania. Or pay a visit to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in New York and see the only flying Spad VII replica in the world! Part of the Legends of Warfare series.
Mark Wilkins is a historian, author, and lecturer specializing in aviation and maritime history. He has been director and curator for two museums and has worked for the Smithsonian Institute. Mark is a contributor to Aviation History and Air & Space magazines.

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