Tradition and contemporary art meet within this stylish Tarot set, bringing simplicity to your personal story. The spirits within the shadows of your life are dancing through this symbolic collection of 78 mesmerizing Tarot cards. Find characters from your past, present, and future, offering reflections of your childhood or glimpses of a potential future. The card silhouettes transcend age, gender, and ethnicity as the figures effortlessly morph into friends or enemies, family and colleagues, or even the most intimate aspects of yourself. They provide a mirror for your intuition and act as a light to follow. Each of the 78 Tarot ?oices?are described within the accompanying handbook along with keywords and meanings? road map for the seeker. The symbols, set in a world we can all identify with, are easy to interpret, and recognized as traditional. This long-awaited deck is your traveling companion?hether a beginner or seasoned reader?or the journey ahead.
Steven Bright was born in London in 1972. With twenty years of Tarot experience behind him, he is a respected writer, designer, and professional reader. He bought his first deck in the late 1990s and became captivated by the world of Tarot and oracle systems. It became natural for him to combine his creativity with an understanding of the Tarot and design his own set. Steven reads for and teaches clients from all over the world, in person and online. He is an active Tarot blogger, reviewer, and is well known on social media for his daily Tarot Thoughts videos. He uses the Tarot as a tool to help his clients navigate safely and efficiently through their own lives and has received much praise for his work within the community.
“Steven Bright's unique and evocative images will be immediately recognizable to tarot aficionados, and easy to understand for tarot beginners. In a crowded field, the Spirit Within Tarot stands out as entirely original, yet lovingly based on tradition.” –Christiana Gaudet, author of Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide

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