Take a ride over the Niagara Falls, through the rapids, or around the whirlpool to discover outlandish stories with frightening outcomes. You've heard about people going over the falls in a barrel, but what of those who have stayed behind after the stunts and their deaths? Learn about sacrifices to Tawiscara, the evil god, and the 300-foot-deep gorge, Devil's Hole, supposed home of a giant snake. Meet the dish-throwing ghost at the Olde Angel Inn, and Robert Parson, who hung over the edge of the Falls, only to die after his rescue. The Falls have a secret and scary calling, and those who answer the call are never disappointed. You won't be either.
Marcy Italiano has always been a skeptical believer and has been reading and studying the paranormal for as long as she can remember. Her love of researching comes together with her fascination of the darker side of history to write this book. Marcy resides in Ontario, Canada.

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