Explore the vast beauty of the United States through this journey of spiritual self-discovery. Whether it's the desert in Sedona, Arizona, the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee, or an open field in Gap, Pennsylvania, each place offers a unique setting for relaxation and reflection. With 207 color images, you'll be meditating your way cross-country. Don't know how to meditate? Techniques are offered in eight different types to help the beginner and seasoned traveler further along in their journey of spiritual healing and growth, including Cellular Sun Meditation and Clear Sky Mind Meditation. This virtual road trip will open your mind and senses to the joy of nature.
Danijela Kracun and Charles McFadden enjoy family, writing books, meditating, being in nature, walking, hiking, and simple living. They have come to find that less is more and it's not what you have but the quality of your experience.

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